I’ve been scurrying about and making lists preparing to leave for my big adventure starting this Saturday: the road trip of a life time to the Yukon. It’s been very hard to think about blogging.  I’m picking a friend up in Arcata Saturday, maybe squeeze in a purifying before-trip sweat, and then heading to the far north with a short stop on an island off BC’s Sunshine Coast. We’ll drive up the west side of BC’s interior eventually to Whitehorse, Yukon, and return down the east side with a swing down the Banff-Jasper highway.  That latter road is the longest stretch of spectacular mountain scenery I’ve ever seen: 200 miles. It will be wonderful to see it again.

Some people are drawn to  breezy tropical islands and sun drenched beaches.  I’ve always been in love with the north and ifI had to chose, prefer 0 degrees to 100.

September is the best time to see the Northern Lights because there is a decent length to night but it’s not too cold yet, and fall colors begin then as well. Hopefully we’ll see scenes such as this and this. Bugs should be on their way out and the true terror of the north, black flies, should have come and gone.  We’ll camp out much of the time, but motels and such are fine, we’re not truly roughing it.  It will be nice to be far away from politics and being unable to spend so much time surfing the web.

I will take my computer, so I may get some stuff off, but probably nothing very long.

Back in mid-September.



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