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This isn’t quite the write-up I anticipated doing because I left my notes somewhere or other.  A drag, but maybe a blessing in disguise.  Now I have to search my memory about what impressed me most.  And a great deal …Read More

As I read again about the utter nastiness and hypocrisy of America’s ‘conservatives’ now that they are anticipating growing in power I wonder what their spiritual significance might be at a personal level.  In so many cases what they do …Read More

Th West Coast’s annual Pantheacon starts Friday at 1 and goes through Monday afternoon. It is one of the high points of the years for me, a chance to see old friends from different parts of the country, as well …Read More

Ali Gomaa, Egypt’s Grand Mufti has just made a statement that should raise the spirits of all who care for the well-being of the Egyptian people and a future of religious toleration and, even more, ultimate acceptance.  No, he did …Read More

Nancy Graham, an old friend of mine, and talented documentary producer and journalist, moved to Denmark,  For many years she taught journalism at the University of Aarhus.  Europe has much more actual experience with Muslims than does the US, and …Read More

When I became a Pagan I had to rethink my views about Christianity, which had become overwhelmingly negative.  If the Sacred manifested in many ways and everywhere, it had to manifest there as well.  But as the religious right in …Read More

One of the less commented on aspects of the recent overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt is its extraordinary peacefulness. Or was it so extraordinary? America’s gun fantasists have poisoned public debate over guns’ role in a civilized society with …Read More

This post repeats my reply to Randi’s comment on my “Abortion, Slavery and Women” post.  It does not deal with abortion because she raised more important issues. With clarifying revisions here and there added at 9:20 PST. More cleaning up …Read More

Usually when I address abortion and Biblical issues this blog is filled with many comments by the “pro-life” crowd.  I am struck with their silence many days after the initial posting of the entry two posts below this one. Perhaps …Read More

Glenn Greenwald has a very incisive dissection of the New York Times’ article on Egypt.  It gives thoughtful Americans plenty to think about.   It also looks as if the Republicans and Democrats who like democracy only when it is …Read More