Th West Coast’s annual Pantheacon starts Friday at 1 and goes through Monday afternoon. It is one of the high points of the years for me, a chance to see old friends from different parts of the country, as well as make some new ones.  There are more Pagans in one lace than I ever see anywhere else, and it’s wonderful.  Despite our diversity in practices I have never seen an altercation over “doing it right.”  It’s a chance to hear and maybe meet major figures in American neoPaganism and experience other traditions for yourself, as well as attend workshops that if given at the standard “New Age” venue would take a huge chunk out of most of our bank accounts.

I will give two workshops, neither of them on Pagan philosophy or politics. . 

Beginning Energy Healing will begin at 9am on Saturday.  The early hour guarantees people will have to be interested to be there!  Unfortunately it limits what I do the night before…
Intermediate Energy Healing will be at a more merciful hour Monday, at 11 am.
Hopefully I will get the chance to meet some of my readers, and whether I do or not, you’ll have a great time if you can make it for one day or even through the entire Presidents’ Day weekend. 
It’s really nice not to be the minority for a few days!
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