Went to the Goddess Crafts Faire yesterday and it was an
impressive and very enjoyable event.  Lots of good
craft booths, some not as good, but that’s normal.  I
bought Yule gifts, enjoyed talking with the artists and craftspeople, heard a number of good singers and saw some wonderful dancers.  Celia Farran’s performance was as good as I
had hoped, maybe better.  Very funny, very moving, and a great voice.  All in all a wonderful break from lots of writing and days of cold and dreary rain.  

(I’m not complaining – 
not really – much of my life has been spent in droughts, so years ago I
swore I would never complain about the rain when it happened. But a little
wistful remembrance of lovely sunny days isn’t really griping. Really. Please believe
me Zeus, Iansa, Tialoc, and Tefnut)

Afterwards some of us took Celia out for dinner at the Sonoma Wine Shop where I
learned a lesson.  Old age and treachery
will lose in thumb wrestling the young and energetic if they are singer/guitar
players.  They have STRONG hands.

Very strong.

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