We are living through a very exciting time.  The Swiss bank that froze Wikileaks’ account has just had its website hacked and is not available.  May it stay that way.  Swiss banks are famous for making themselves available to criminals and dictators.  People who serve others?  Not so much.  

The folks who hacked it say PayPal is next.  They say our communication with one another should not be the concern of corporate thugs.  They are right. 
Wickileaks own site was taken down, probably by government hackers.  It is now up at over 500 domains.  I rather doubt that Swiss baks have similar flexibility.  We are seeing a historic battle between a distributed David-of-the-net and a pack of vicious dinosaurs.  We are seeing a new version of the old model of guerilla war, first pioneered by Americans against the British.  I wish its new vastly more peaceful practitioners at least equal success. 
The corporate, financial, and political elite are waging war on men and women world wide, stealing their money, hijacking their laws, spreading such a web of lies and disinformation that it is difficult with the best will in the world to know what is going on.  It is easy to despair. Certainly the sanctimonious liar in the White House is part of the problem far far more than he is part of the solution.
At this point it might be that the only thing to save us from even worse is shining complete daylight on these creeps.  Wikileaks is doing this.  Some people argue daylight is dangerous.  On balance it is only dangerous to the crooked, the liars, the schemers, and similar types.  Wikileaks is interested mostly in shining light on the powerful, and the powerful became so largely because they work out of sight.  If we are uncertain as to whose side to take, all we need really do is look at who is most upset… By contrast, a democracy is utterly dependent on an informed citizenry. 
The tender souls who worry about decorum and the rule of law were mostly silent when the banks, corporate sociopaths and political parasites made a mockery of our laws and simple morality for a decade.  They did not raise a stink when government claimed the right to read our mail and investigate all that we said and bought.  They are not people who honor law, they are people who submit to power. Now they squirm in discomfort. Good.  
The web has enabled free men and women to fight back not through bombs and bullets, not through killing and maiming,  but through making the truth available.  It will sometimes be uncomfortable, particularly to those who have been willfully blind.  But it’s the best thing we have going for us today.  
I voted for Julian Assange as Time’s Man of the Year just now, and I hope you will do the same.
Mastercard is now down.
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