I received this notice of a forthcoming Wicca 101 class by very competent California Pagans.  I pass it on in case anyone is interested.

Waxing Moon Circle is beginning this year’s annual Wicca 101 class series this upcoming Saturday, January 9, at 2 PM in Mountain View.  Space is limited to 10 students.  The classes are open to guests who have permission of an Elder of Waxing Moon Circle.

In accordance with tradition, there is no charge for the class series, but students do cover the cost of their training materials (typically a dollar or two per class session).  Class members are expected to complete exercises and homework, plus an assessment and final exam.

Waxing Moon Circle is a working-training coven founded in 1982.  It teaches classes and also allows guests to many of its rituals.  It has a mailing list here:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WaxingMoonCircle/
and a profile here:
and a new (still somewhat rudimentary) website here, courtesy of Bubbles:

We have a standard annual curriculum that we teach to help beginners learn the basics of Wicca. Over the course of the year, we cover the basic material that we feel a person needs in order to begin well-informed practice of the Craft.  Satisfactory completion of this curriculum, plus permission of the High Priestess, is a prerequisite for training toward First Degree Initiation.

We cover 10 standard lessons, including exercises and homework, plus two or three flexible classes a year. The standard classes include metaphysics, ethics, and other essential concepts.

Note:  To save having to repeat a lot of stuff over and over again, we have a LOT of information in the Yahoo group site.  Most of it is in the Links area:

You do not need a Yahoo ID to access the Links area.

Persons wishing to learn, without necessarily pursuing initiation, are welcome, subject to available space.  Completion of the entire year’s work provides enough background and experience for most people to practice on their own with reasonable confidence, should they so choose.

Classes are held the Saturday on or before the Dark Moon, California time.  Our Circle meetings are held the first Saturday after the dark moon.

Potluck and tea begin at 2 PM; class commences at 3 PM. Discussion and training exercise follow class. Socializing after that. Everyone pitches in to clean up afterwards. Please bring a notebook.

To apply for admission to the class series, send a letter via email introducing yourself and describing your background in Paganism and Wicca.  If any Pagan Elder wishes to recommend you for the class, their suggestions will be welcomed; but such recommendations are not required.

We don’t expect you to have a lot of experience, but you should know enough to really want to be in the class.

To apply, or for more information, email highpriestess@waxingmooncircle.org .

Please feel free to forward this message to appropriate forums or individuals.  Thank you!

Blessed Be,

High Priestess
Waxing Moon Circle

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