I was talking with my friend Jim about the strange new
Republican effort to rewrite history: that no terrorist attacks took place
during George Bush’s presidency. 
Diana Perino, Mary Matalin,  and now “Mr. 9/11” Rudy Guiliani have said it.  Even setting 9/11 aside there have been at least three terrorist attacks, the anthrax attacks, the shoe bomber, and an attack at an El Al ticket counter.  In the anthrax and El Al cases, people died.

These liars are not light weights in
Republican politics and they are all masters at communication.  There are too many lies here to be accidental,
unless conservatism and alzheimer’s go together. 

Anyway, this tactic struck us both as Stalinist to the core.  The Party Line changes from “George
Bush kept us safe after 9-11” to “Terrorists have attacked us under Obama but
not under Bush” and the apparatchiks immediately shift their message.  Repeat a lie often enough and some people,
especially overpaid media stenographers, will eventually include it as one of “two
sides” making it a partisan issue rather than one of truth or lie.

The Republicans have proven apt students of the old
Communist Party.

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