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On January 2, millions of Brazilians go to the beach and make
offerings to Iemanja, Orixa of the ocean.  The teacher I studied with for six years  did it on New Year’s Day for some
reason, and so for almost 25 years now, whenever I was close to salt water, I made
the pilgrimage to make my offerings of flowers or molasses and corn meal.  (In my experience She likes flowers but
really likes molasses and corn meal.)

This year I did not do it on either the First or today, the
Second.  I’m laid up with a cold.  No energy and not much will power.  I asked the energies that pervade my
place whether I should go anyway, and got an “It’s OK to stay home.”  For which I was grateful. Because when
I go usually She responds to my offerings and respect spectacularly,
leaving me very wet.  Once I was picked up by an enormous wave and deposited snugly in a crack between two boulders twenty feet or so behind me. She seems to have my number.  I just wasn’t
up for it today. 


But even so, today is the Day of Iemanja, and though I am
writing this too late to do anyone any good in a legalistic sense, if She
appeals to you, toss in a flower or cornmeal and molasses the next time you are
at the coast.  As I shall

I found a wonderful Brasilian video and song to Her.  And another.  Enjoy!  

And here is a traditional “ponto” or song to Her that we used to sing at those celebrations.  Alas, my vestigial Portuguese doesn’t enable me to sing them myself anymore – enjoy

“Yemaya Asesu, Asesu Yemaya, Yemaya Olodo, Olodo Yemaya…”