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Stephan Schwartz of the Schwartz Report has posted a very interesting and I think important piece on healing and consciousness.  Here is his first paragraph.  Please check it out in its entirety. I think it’s worth it. (You have to scroll down to Saturday, January 2, 2010: he does not seem to have a more direct way to the piece, but it’s worth the effort.)

Therapeutic Intent. The idea that consciousness can have a direct effect on a living organism is an ancient and culturally universal belief. The shamanic cave art of Altimira, Tres Freres, and Lascaux presents compelling testimony that our genetic forbearers had a complex view of spiritual and physical renewal, one that has survived to the present unchanged in at least one fundamental respect. The intent to heal, either oneself or another, whether expressed as God, a force, an energy, or one of many gods, has consistently been believed to be capable of producing a therapeutic result. Why?