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UPDATE below. The strutting masculinity, steely eyed attention to a brutal reality, and courage under fire that the Republicans and culture warriors in general like to project is showing itself as the posturing of craven bullies.  As it has always …Read More

Silk” soy products has just been exposed for utterly unethical behavior in the organic food market.  For its parent company, corporate giant Dean Foods, this is not the first time.

Kenneth Davis who blogs over at Huffington Post has a great entry on the Pagan history of Mistletoe as a blessing hung over doorways.  One dimension of the story is Anglo, the other Saxon, and both are worth knowing.  

Catholic Ross Douthat is bothered – more than bothered – by Avatar’s pantheism. If one were looking at an attack on Pagan sensibilities, Douthat’s column would be a good place to start.  Beliefnet’s own Rod Dreher of “Crunchy Con” fame …Read More

Last night I saw Avatar.  Go see it! It is a wonderful and very Pagan movie. As I understand it the movie’s basic messages are that completeness is achieved in connection with others, that harmony is the basic value and …Read More

I have been so focused on my own work that I failed to pay any attention to the Pagans presence at the Parliament of the World Religions, held in Melbourne, Australia.  My bad.  One of the best pieces of news from …Read More

I had come across so many right wing and Christian attacks on James Cameron’s Avatar that I made up my mind definitely to see it, and to write on it after doing so.  But I haven’t seen it yet.  The …Read More

Unbelieveable. Fortunately neither they nor their deity are very good at it. UPDATE Well, looks like their attempt at Black Magick may have backfired.  😉

Last night we celebrated the Winter Solstice in Berkeley.  Old friends and newer gathered together to invoke, dance, sing, and burn the boughs of last year’s celebrations in a brilliant conflagration.  I hope the Yule Fire’s enthusiastic flames will prove …Read More

An exciting discovery has taken place at the Sandia National Labs in New Mexico.  A way has been found, using solar energy, to turn CO2 into fuel.  It will not be on the market soon as greater efficiency is needed. …Read More