Silk” soy products has just been exposed for utterly unethical behavior in the organic food market.  For its parent company, corporate giant Dean Foods, this is not the first time.

A recent news story draws lines under my conviction that, necessary as they are, big organizations such as corporations
tend to be soulless sociopaths standing in the way of any genuine right livelihood between humans and other
humans and the earth.  Since we
depend on them for so much, this issue lies at the core of addressing the
problems intrinsic to modern society.  For those of us who honor the Sacred as immanent the problem is even more fundamental.

Dean Foods, who produces “Silk” soy products has just been
after switching from organic soybeans to conventional soybeans without
announcement.   It changed the label from organic to
natural, but kept the same bar code, design, and higher prices without even telling
their retailers their product was no longer organic.  Habitual customers had no readily apparent way of discovering the change.  But unlike “organic” the term “natural” means absolutely nothing once used by corporate marketing tools.

A serial criminal, Dean Foods earlier was involved in
deceiving the public through another of its “green” front organizations,
Horizon Dairy. l
A human being doing such stuff would be charged with fraud but the sociopaths
in charge of Dean Foods simply took home more money.

I will never ever again buy “Horizon” or “Silk” products – a
sow’s ear masquerading as a silk purse if ever there was one.  Please spread the word.

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