This is an excerpt from my book The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels:
He is a wonderful angel to call upon, full of love, compassion, guidance and joy.


angel with fluteJaoel is the keeper of the unspeakable name of God. The images of Jaoel and the cherubim Zarall were said to be carved on the Ark of the Covenant. The shadow of his wings falls over the seat of mercy on the side of the ark. Jaoel guided Abraham on a journey to Paradise where Abraham was shown the course of human history. Jaoel is often associated with Archangel Michael and their blessings are intertwined. Jaoel is also the singer of eternal praises whose massive wings will protect you

Jaoel’s soft voice will overcome even the strongest resistance. He will encourage you to open to the endless possibilities of life while lovingly pointing out how your thinking stops you from having everything you want. Jaoel understands human beings and feels great compassion for the human condition, while seeing what is truly possible for them.


Jaoel will gladly take you on a journey during your meditations, just as he did for Abraham. To journey with Jaoel allow yourself to go into a deep meditation. Clear your mind of all thoughts and ask Jaoel to guide you. He will show you images of your possible futures so you can decide which course of action would best serve you. Remember if you see events that frighten or upset you, you can make different choices in the present moment and change your future.

If you want Jaoel’s assistance and guidance, imagine his wings enfolding you and then just talk to him. He will act like a loving big brother, offering advice and helping to keep you safe.

Jaoel will assist you in:

Overcoming addictions
Deepening your ability to be compassionate
Seeing choices and choosing among them
Knowing the future

Calling the angels into your home

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

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