So often we avoid doing something new because we are afraid of failing or looking foolish or being disappointed. Fear can push happiness, joy, love, and success right out of our lives if we let it. Remember fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Recently, I read an interesting article about how the brain processes information in Reader’s Digest. Depending upon how we look at failure, it can actually be a very beneficial experience, one that will actually make success and happiness more likely in the future. Recent brain research has shown that failure can actually help you create new neural pathways that will help you achieve success in future endeavors.

Success isn’t a matter of luck, it is a matter of making choices that move us toward our objective. And it often requires us to let go of old, limiting beliefs. Overcoming fear in all its various disguises really boils down to looking at it with curiosity and looking for the falsehoods. What false evidence are we believing?

The quality of our life is often dependent on the type of questions we ask ourselves. So if you find success in some areas of your life illusive, you might ask yourself the following questions:

What are my beliefs, agreements, and assumptions about __________?
What do I tell myself about this?
What did my family believe about it?

How can I see this through the eyes of love?
How would the angels see this?

Who do I know that is successful in this area? (It could be someone you know personally or an author or mentor)
What do they believe?
What choices do they or would they make?

Then, as with all of life, spend some time in prayer and meditation and ask for the guidance of the angels. Ask for help healing your old limited thinking and making choices that will bring you all the wonder, magic, and miracles you so richly deserve.

With love and aloha,

Angels always see the limitless possibilities, learn to see it through their eyes!

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