Aloha everyone,

When I asked my readers what areas of their life they had the most concerns about, the top ten were:

spiritual connection
prayer and meditation
personal happiness
finding their life’s purpose

Five Easy Ways to Overcome Fear and Use It To Improve Your Life

When we have fear about an issue, we tend to create more of what we don’t want. When we release our fear, we can ask ourselves what we want to create and use our god-given talents to create different results. So here are five ways to easily overcome fear.

  1. What’s the worse that could happen? When we face our fears, they lose their power. Realistically, look at your fear and use your imagination to create the worse possible scenario. Ask yourself if that is something you want to create or you would like to experience. Chances are, the answer is a resounding “no.” Then ask yourself what you would like to create. and spend a little bit of time focusing your attention to what it would feel like to have that in your life. When your fear resurfaces once again, say “no” to it and focus on what you do want.
  2. What am I really afraid of? Dissect your fear. Fear is always about a future event. If someone is pointing a gun at you, you’re afraid of being shot, an event that may or may not happen in the future. When we stay focused in the moment, we have the power to change what happens next. If we focus on the moment, our fear no longer controls our choices, and we are more likely to create what we really do want rather than reacting to our fear.
  3. What does my fear tell me about my beliefs? You never experience life directly. What you experience is your filter system’s version of reality. You can use your fear to see the beliefs, agreements or assumptions that limit your experience of life, and let them go.
  4. How can I see this through the eyes of love? Fear can be used as a sign post or guide. You are a limitless being of light, an angel in a human body. The presence of fear is an indication that you aren’t connected to the essence of who and what you really are. So you can use fear as an invitation. If you are afraid of intimacy, you can view it as an invitation to get out more and make more friends. Looking at my fear from a different perspective gives me the opportunity to use it to improve the quality of my life.
  5. Use your fear as a call for prayer and meditation. Whenever I am in fear, I am certainly not trusting the process, having faith, or connected to my divinity. Fear is a very clear indication I need to pray and meditate. As soon as we open our heart and our mind and ask for help, we can be blessed with angelic guidance and assistance. I have learned to look at fear as a reminder to ask for help and talk to my angels.

All of life is an opportunity to deepen our connection to our spirit or strengthen our limiting beliefs.  Reach out to the divine and watch the miracles occur.

With love and aloha,

There really are angels on your shoulder just waiting to help you be happy, joyous, and free.

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