Egiptas2008 226 It is amazing how many angels there are in my life when I take the time to notice. They are everywhere, in so many shapes and sizes. When I take the time to ask for help I am also amazed at how quickly it arrives!

To be honest, I didn’t have much to do with angels before I was asked to write my book, The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters, but since then it has been an angelfest.

Life is like that one. When we feel unloved and judged we see judgment everywhere. When we feel loved and accepted we feel acceptance everywhere we go. Once we are open to angelic help we find angels everywhere and in so many shapes, sizes and forms! At least that has been my experience.

Whatever we focus on we get more of so I highly recommend focusing on celestial beings. They can’t do it for you, but they can certainly support you, guide you and help you feel loved.

Calling on help is as simple as saying ‘help.’ Being open and willing to receive the help once you have asked is a big part of it though! Angels and other celestial beings aren’t better than us, they just have a different perspective and utilizing that perspective is useful.

If you haven’t already I suggest signing up for my angel a day.

And as my friend used to say, “Angels on your shoulder!”

With love and aloha,

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