IMG_0938 As a young girl I remember having imaginary friends that were very real to me. When I spoke about them to the adults in my life they told me they weren’t real, except for my grandfather. My grandfather would smile and just nod his head when I spoke about them. Of course, he also took me fishing in a park without water! He was a very loving, gentle man with a wonderful imagination.

This morning at breakfast a woman asked me about a dream she had last night. She was frightened because in the dream she saw shining eyes looking at her. It reminded me of  a similar dream I had as a child. As we talked I realized the eyes I had seen were, for lack of a better name the eyes of an angel. At the time they frightened me, but as I thought about it this morning I remembered seeing love, concern and compassion.

My first reaction to something unknown used to be fear or avoidance. Since I have been exploring the angelic realms I know I am always safe. Knowing I am safe allows me to approach all of life with curiosity.

Whatever we believe we experience. Today I believe I am surrounded by angels in many forms. I know I am always safe unless I choose to pretend otherwise. That knowing makes a big difference in my life.

When I feel unsafe I take a deep breath and open my heart to the love that always surrounds me. Spiritual practices take practice so perhaps practice feeling safe and see what happens in your word! Magic is all around us once we open up to the limitless possibilities.

With love and aloha,

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