Most of us welcomed in this new year a bit quieter than normal, yet with a bit of ‘thank God that is over’ with a lot …let’s have a way better year this year attitude. Last year my daytimer was this lovely meditation themed…2021 is an entirely different mindset lol…although it is always positive and comes from love…there seems to be a little more F%^& in my attitude…in a good way lol

2020 shift into 2021

I laughed when I was transferring information from one day timer to another. What a difference a year makes lol. Truly I am still all love and light, but…there is this new level that has emerged through the events of this past year. These are more personal shifts. The angels have been very vocal in reminding me that we are each on a personal mission that affects all that is…the butterfly effect (The butterfly effect is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system.). We often don’t understand how our actions actually do influence all that is and that the world around us is a response to mass consciousness. The best way to create a wave of change, of peace and love, is to begin with ourselves.

So, baring in mind that each one of us truly is this powerful, lets go into this next year with our intentions wide open with powerful co-creative thoughts for what we truly want instead of responding to what the outer world wants us to believe.

2021 is a year for love. This doesn’t always mean romance, but it sure can! Expect to see some new loves blooming or taking things to the next level. This isn’t the unconditional love you always hear about…this is the earth-messing human love we have come here to experience. We come from unconditional love, that is the energy of home. We are here to experience love in all of it’s glorious forms. It does include unconditional love, but until we learn about the earth love, it is harder to see it with angel eyes.

In 2021, Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion during the following ranges of dates:

  • January 30 to February 21
  • May 29 to June 22
  • September 27 to October 23

It is always good to mark your calendars for these dates and use them as productive times where you become even more conscious of your thoughts, words, and deeds. Really we should be paying more attention to that everyday in our lives…we just aren’t always when things appear to be running smoothly…remember…

“Everything is a response to our collective consciousness…if you don’t like what you are seeing right now… Clean up your thought and feelings…change your thoughts…change your mind…and change your life! We are that powerful, it’s time to get our ‘shift together’ and get on with our mission of creating a better earth! 

We love you tons…Sharon and the Angels

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