Each one of you has a unique Brilliance that is your special light to share with the world. Ask your angels to help discover your Brilliance if you unsure of what really makes you shine.


Your Brilliance is your energetic footprint and while some of us can see your light with our ordinary eyes, most people are just learning to feel it. Brilliance is like a thousand crystals sparkling in the waterfall as the light shines through and that is truly the energy we sense off of each other. When we are standing bright, in truth, and in our power, we shine a brilliant light that emanates, like a radio signal, all around us. Others are attracted to that field based on what they need or want for their growth. When we are attracting things we do not want into our lives, then it is time to look at our light and our energy and see what it is we need to shift in order to start attracting what we do want.

When you find your brilliance, you are connected to your deepest inner knowing. This can help to awaken yours and others enthusiasm for life and inspire you to connect with higher realms or aspects of you. It will also assist you on your own journey of self-discovery. This part of you is connected to you and all that is. Your brilliance has incredible knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. It sees all, feels all and knows all. Do something today that helps you discover your brilliance.

Your Angel Guidance is to clear your energy so your brilliance can shine through

Use this visualization to help you clear your energy field. Imagine a small whirlwind of white fire light beginning to form all around you. It should like a small tornado. Visualize it growing until it is large enough to encompass you and your entire auric field. Imagine the small end of the funnel of light entering through your crown chakra (at the top of your head) and let it come down through your crown chakra and down through the centre of your body. As this spiritual fire spins and rotates through you, it sucks and burns off all of the energy debris you have picked up as you have gone about your day.

See, feel, and imagine it moving down, over, and through your entire aura and physical body. Know that it is sweeping your energy field clean of all the extraneous energies you have picked up off of others throughout your day.

See this vortex of light exit through your feet and into the earth where the Mother can use it to fertilize and benefit all of the kingdoms of life that live upon and within her.

When you are done, use your shields and filters as you see fit throughout your day.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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