The ways of communicating on your planet have vastly changed over the past hundred or so years and it will continue to change with your rapidly accelerated growth. The technology change alone has been astounding. You can now instantly communicate with someone on the other side of your world. It has added a new voice to ‘We the People’ and you are more intimately tied to each other in new ways.

Archangel Gabriel communication


There is also another form of communication that has been changing on your planet and this has been brought about by the awakening ones, the new children, and the lightworks who have been changing and raising the consciousness of the planet and all the beings which dwell upon her. Some of you are even becoming aware of your newly developing cellular communication and how that will change how you view healing.

As you learn to hone these skills and develop your internal communication, your external communication with plants, animals, and each other will surely shift as you become more aware of the subtle energies you share with each other. This will also change your views of life, death, and in-between and all is as it should be. You are ready for this great shift or you would not be here now at this junction of time and space.

Expand your senses. Expand your abilities to tap into each other and all that is. Talk to your trees, commune with your plants, and enjoy the energy exchange you experience.

If you do not have a regular practice of quieting yourself and connecting with your angels and guides, create this space for yourself. Open you hearts and your minds to more. Communicate with each other with the knowing that each one of you is a part of each other and all that is and be more conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and words, for you are more powerful creators than you realize and your words are the magic wand or the sword you wield.

Lovingly Yours, Archangel Gabriel

Your Angel Guidance is to call upon Archangel Gabriel when you need to communicate more effective

As the messenger angel, Gabriel loves to help writers and journalists deliver healing messages. Like a loving coach, you will be  urged to dedicate your time and energy toward written communication as well as verbally communicating more effectively. Gabriel can also open doors that allow for publication of your articles and books, if you’ll ask for her assistance. Most of all, she’ll help you enjoy writing and greater, more effective communication.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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