The glorious scents of spring are in the air. I see the first buds coming up in my garden and I always get excited. Spring is about renewal as mother earth reawakens from her slumber. We had such a rough, cold last few weeks and now that spring is here, it seems even more special.


I asked the angels for a message to help us with our growth. Here is what they shared:

“When you have a spiritual practice that is steeped with mediation, prayer, and gratitude, life works out in wondrous ways. It is time to get refocused on what is most important for you, your life, and the changes you have been going through. It is time to reawaken to this new you. It is a time of action, for this new you won’t come about by sitting around and waiting. In other words, it won’t come to you. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities and begin to take charge and live the life you dream of.”

“There is an end to an old way of thinking coming about. You can respond differently to challenges and are free from old patterns which no longer serve you. Allow the endings to take place with grace and know that better things await you.  Be optimistic about bringing your dreams into being. Be filled with love and let it give hope to shine on for others to see and be guided by your light.”

Your Angel Guidance is to plan your personal garden now that spring is in the air

Build a solid foundation upon which you feel safe enough to follow your heart. There is an excitement in the air, so trust that you are the architect of your dreams and they are beginning to take shape in your world. You are all learning, growing, and expanding, decide now what you want that to look like as it manifests.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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