Finding the richness in a “Dark Night of the Soul’ experience is profoundly cathartic.  They provide a huge psychological relief through an open expression of the emotions. The emotional release provides cleansing, releasing, and purging of what no longer serves you or your growth.

dark night

At some point in everyone’s life they will experience a dark night of the soul. These are usually brought about by some life altering occurrence, or you reach a point where you know a life altering change is necessary. When this energy is ripe, you have what we like to call a “Dark Night of the Soul.”

These are healthy, natural, and important to deal with. If you have been through one, you understand exactly what we are talking about. If you don’t go through them in a healthy way, this can lead to suicidal thoughts and feelings. You can’t see a way out until you clear that blockage. Suicide survivors know exactly what this phrase means and feels like.

If you find yourself sitting in the darkness, don’t be afraid. Give yourself permission to connect with your shadow side and see the gifts they have to offer you. Visualize yourself in the darkness and ask that divine wisdom show the path to a better way. Allow yourself to release the thoughts and feelings for what was and no longer is and then let that go.

The next step to help you through this is establishing healthy boundaries for yourself. Some of these will be you with you. Learning to listen and trust your own guidance is important. When you can connect and allow, your creative energy begins to flow in new ways. Feel really clear about your boundaries. Ask yourself “What is acceptable for me?” and let others focus on themselves and their own life. You don’t need to worry about that!

Then, get yourself really, really clear on what is acceptable for and from others.  If you aren’t getting the respect you deserve, there is a clear sign that something needs to change. When you clear the muddy waters of the past, it is amazing how you can now see what is in front of you in this new light.

Clearing a ‘dark night of the soul’ restores physical vitality and lets the light shine back into your life. Allow this light to shine out of your heart. Now set your intentions to allow more flow into your life. Anytime you have a decision to make or need some extra support, ask your angels to help to guide you. This helps you avoid those situations or paths that make life seem longer and more challenging. Visualize yourself and your life flowing with more ease and synchronicity.

Your Angel Guidance is to find the gift from a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience.

Spirit wants you to remember to respect yourself, to value yourself, and most important of all, to love yourself unconditionally. Get yourself really clear and you will have a deeper understanding of it all.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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