Great affirmations are available everywhere on social media, but are they actual working for you or against you? How do you use affirmations and are you seeing those results manifest for you?


Everywhere I look, I see affirmations, especially ones about abundance. Yet, I don’t see the people sharing those affirmations any richer than they were 10 years ago when they started sharing them, so what is the missing key to these unsolved mysteries of the universe?

Lets take a deeper look and see if we are using these great tools correctly for maximum potential or are we getting more of the same old same old?

First, affirmations do work and we all use them everyday. We just aren’t always conscious of what we are saying or what we are adding to them that makes them seem like they are not working. Also,  when most people add a lot of stuff to them, they just become a mish mash of energy and go nowhere really fast. Does that feel familiar?

I asked my guides what they wanted most to share with everyone and they said

“For you all to remember that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. You are using affirmations with every single word and thought you have.  You are just not always aware of the ways these work for you. Your thoughts and words are the spells you cast all the time through those thoughts and opinions. We wish nothing more than for each of you to understand how powerful that is and how powerful you truly are when you wield them!”

Affirmations do work. Your thoughts are powerful, it is just most of you have no idea how truly powerful they are!

The key is to remember The KISS Theory – KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE!

I first learned about The Kiss Theory as a marketing student back in the day. We were taught it meant ‘keep it simple stupid’. While effective, I never liked the phrase so I changed it to ‘Keep it Super Simple’. I like the energy of that phrase way better. That is also a thought keep in my mind when planning your the affirmations you want to use: Asking yourself “What is the energy of this affirmations? How does it make it me feel?

The bottom line is to reduce everything to its lowest common denominator and keep the baggage out of it. HA HA you think to yourself, humans love drama, how can we keep that out of it?

When you are going through changing your thoughts and feelings, it is important to remember that you have the power to choose. Thoughts and feelings come and go, it is the ones you keep that becoming your affirmations. If you don’t like what you are seeing, or getting, change those thoughts and feelings to represent what you want. Leave out the ‘but’ and ‘don’ts’ and start with what you do want.

Your Angel Guidance is to pick your 3 top goals and make affirmations that are super simple:

Look at your life and look at the affirmations you have been using. Are they working for you or against you? Keep them simple. If they are too complicated, they get muddied up with too many thoughts and feelings.

If you are not seeing the result manifesting in your life in some way, then it is time to take a deeper look at the words and thoughts you are using. Play around and have some fun with the words you choose and see what happens, you never know, people could just start giving you money!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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