How do I know if I am receiving messages from Spirit or my Angels and not just wishful thinking? This is a common question and one that can be a challenge because it can be something you really, really want, it feels so good and the visions, thoughts, and feelings all feel so right. Yet, nothing or no one is manifesting for you. Sound familiar?


First question to ask is “What is the source of the information?” Did a psychic or a few give you the information? Was it some thoughts and feelings that came to you in a meditation? Do you have some oracle/angel cards and ask questions? These are just a few sources of messages we receive. It is harder to differentiate the meaning when it is a thought that came to you, especially if you really, really want it vs. messages from other sources. This is not to say you should discount your thoughts and feelings, it is just that these ones require pure trust. And trust isn’t always easy. Also to consider is when you focus on something with all of your intentions, thoughts, and do the steps necessary, your dreams and goals should manifest.

Here are some tips to help you to learn to understand how Spirit or the Angels answers you:

Simple thoughts or words come to mind that help you.

You have feelings or actual physical sensations to alert you. These can mean to pay attention, as confirmation, or as indicators that you are on the right track.

Messages from Spirit are usually filled with loving, positive support. If it is less than positive or downright negative, then it is a message from your ego self.

Sudden flashes or insights telling you to go somewhere, do something, or don’t do something.

Loving thoughts and feelings.

Generally, it is helpful to ask your angels when you are in a balanced state, clear of the outside noise, and other people. Once you have mastered the feelings of getting in touch with your angels, it gets easier to do it. You begin to make a stronger, more instant connection and you learn that you trust this wise guidance. Don’t let doubt get in the way of experiencing your hearts true desires.

Your Angel Guidance is ask yourself – Am I receiving messages from Spirit?

The answer to this question will come to you. It may be in the from of a physical sensation like goosebumps or vibrations. It could be a clear  yes or know answer in the form of thoughts or feelings. It could be the answer is just knowing. The angels want you to learn to trust the signals you receive through all aspects of life! Don’t be so hard on yourselves and practice with smaller things, then stretch your wings and ask the deeper questions of Spirit!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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