As we draw nearer to the ending of 2018, your angel guidance is to look at your completions. Review the year and see the gifts and release what isn’t working so you can move into 2019 unencumbered by the past.


This has been a year of growth and yet at times it feels like it has been growing backwards the majority of the time. We assure you this is not so and that forward movement has been happening all along, it is just not always comfortable as it happens. You might also find that the past has reared it’s ugly head, especially in the areas that have lack completions. If you have been haunted by a cycle from the past, begin to see the gift and beauty from those experiences. This is the fastest way to the completions that you seek.

During this year many truths have been revealed and the world is being seen in a new light for so many of you. Some not in such a good way. But more and more of you are awakening to the grander truths of love which lead to the shifts in consciousness and changes in behaviour patterns that the lightworker has been strive for. Most of you have notice that change is indeed afoot and it has brought with it some very interesting times and energy to sort through.

Psychic abilities are opening up on new levels and many of you have been going through the process of how to work with these new abilities. The lag time in creation between thought and manifestation is shortening. Because of this quickening it is ever so important to become more conscious of the thoughts and feelings you hold as your own. Continue to work with honing your skills and developing new ones as you master your gifts along the way.

Letting go has been an important part of this past year. Releasing what isn’t, what might of been, and what was is so important for your growth. Ask Archangel Michael to help you cut the cords that bind you to lower thoughts and feelings. Ask him to help you through the transitions of letting go. Feel the comfort and love from the angels to help you through these transitions and feel the support they have for you as you go about your journey. None of this would be happening if you were not ready for this, of this there is no doubt. This is the best thing you can do for yourself to free up the energy for your goals in this next cycle so do your prep work today.

You will find the coming year is filled with great attractions. 2019 is a year of action. 2019 is a year of truth, trust, and passion. Prepare yourselves right now  by seeing the completions that are at hand. You are ready for this, you are ready for the changes it brings your way. Embrace the shifting energy and see the many gifts this past year has brought to light! You are ready to follow your Heart!

Your Angel Guidance is to Review the year with Angel Eyes and see the gift in the completions!

The angels want you to see the experiences in your life through a higher dimensional compassion as your angels see you! Don’t be so hard on yourselves and also remember to see others in this light. You are all here just trying to find your way. It is amazing what you will accomplish when you start working together supporting one another once again!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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