Angel Guidance

Your Angels are always with you. Now is the perfect moment to spend a little time getting to know your angels. When you make a consious choice to work with your angels, you will find things begin to change. You become more confident because you know  your angels have your back!


You don’t have to see or hear your angels in order for them to be working on your behalf. All you really just need to do is ask. Your angels are always able to see and hear you regardless. All you have to do is be focused and clear.  Then, ask that you receive angelic protection in whatever situation you want or need extra love and support.

You can ask the angels for protection either in your mind or out loud. Either way is fine, but when you say the words, it feels more powerful within you. The most important thing is that you view this as a co-creative act, where you co-create this beautiful protective energy with your angels.

There are times when we can use our intuition and decide whether or not we should go somewhere or do something. But there are other times when we may not have a choice, such as when you must go to work or to school. In those cases where the option of not doing it is detrimental to your well-being and you must go. If you are feeling uncomfortable or anxious, you can use this simple and very powerful exercise to help you feel a sense of protection. The angels are thrilled to work with you and surround you with protective light any time you ask.

  1. Stop what you’re doing and focus on the situation you are concerned about.
  2. Call in your angels and ask them to surround you with a protective shield of white light and energy so that you feel perfectly safe, no matter what.Say something like: “Dear angels, please surround me with white light, and protect me in this situation. (Name the place or situation).”
  3. To make this even stronger, ask the angels to accompany you in your activities to ensure that you feel safe.
  4. Visualize yourself surrounded by angelic white light, and envision yourself surrounded by tons of angels. This will help you to energetically connect with the realm of the angels’ and feel their love.
  5. You can continue to visualize this as you go forward, or let it go and trust the angels to safely guide you. Either way, it is important that your consciousness be engaged and that you are open and allowing.

Whenever you have a choice about where to go or what to do, use your intuition, it will always guide you. Then once you have made your decision, if you feel doubt, anxiety or uncertainty, you can always apply this method for additional angelic protection. Trust that this is so.

Your Angel Guidance is to begin to work with your angels so you know and trust they have your back!

Your angels are always with you whether you are working with them or not. It is extremely beneficial to ask them to help you as they are governed by your free will and do not fly into action until you ask! State you cause, your case, or your dreams today, and let the magic happen in an Angelic way!

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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