Stop looking outside of yourselves for the answers that you seek. Stop seeking the approval of others and begin to formulate your own plan, your own code, your own credence and then go from there. So much time is wasted looking for the answers from others, this is one time the angels say it is a solitary journey. No effective guidance comes from looking outside of yourself.  You can ask that others be your sounding board, but do not see their approval to the action you desire, it must come from within.


There is a wonderful saying from Rumi “What you Seek is Seeking you.” What beautiful words those are and so is the realization that sometimes just a transformation of thought can make the difference in what is manifesting. Rumi was a 13th century Persian mystic, poet and philosopher who had a beautiful way of seeing the world and still today his words have much that we can ponder over and have our eureka moments.

Seeking the approval of others before you take action shows a lack of belief in your own ability to make the choice. Remember that the right people in your life make you breath easier, feel lighter, feel more deeply, if there is any other feelings that arise, then these are not your people. Constant, pure guidance that comes from Source, God, the Creator, or whomever you want to name the universal energy of all that is. It is there, it is within you and it is always available to the seeker.

Your Angel Guidance is to discover what you truly seek:

Decide that it is okay to let things go that no longer serve you. What you seek is seeking you, so decide what you truly seek to add to your life.  Say a mastermind statement like

“I release all things that have caused negativity to creep into my life and caused any negative attachment. I now welcome new changes, new lessons and new adventures. I welcome new opportunities to expand my growth and potential emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.”

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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