Angel Guidance

Sending your Angels ahead of you throughout your day is a fantastic way to work with your angels and making your day unfold in a better way. When you start working with your angels in such a way, you are making a conscious choice to live from a higher perspective. The results will amaze you, so get ready to make some positive changes and see what happens.


Whether you have a day planned or a day in which are just out experiencing the world, set your intention just before you begin. If you are running errands, ask your angels to go ahead of you and set the stage. If you are meeting a friend for lunch, ask the angels to arrange the best table for you, and perfect timing on service and quality of the food. If you are going out for a walk, ask the angels to keep you safe and aware when you need to be, tapped in, and tuned on, to nature and your surroundings in a deeper way. Regardless of your activities, the angels are happy to open doors, and set things up for the most perfect adventures you can imagine.

When you start sending your angels ahead of you, going to the supermarket becomes an adventure. What better way to angelize your day than to invite the your angels into all areas of life. The best way  to start any task is by sending your angels to pave the way.

Your Angel Guidance is to plan your day by Sending your Angels ahead of you in all of your tasks:

When you are going about your day and running errands, play with the energy and send your angels ahead of you to help things run smoothly. Ask them to find you parking spots, perfect timing at the bank or the grocery store, making that call you weren’t looking forward to, whatever it is you are planning to do, start with sending your angels ahead of you to pave the way to a perfect day!

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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