Letting go of what no longer serves you. An often asked of us and yet not understood question is “How can I let go of what no longer serves me?”


And we say to you that this is so very simple, when it no longer serves you, you will have absolutely no problem in letting go. Oh and yes, it is also always for your highest good, or it would not be in your now. 

Perhaps the better question to ask is “What do I need to do or understand right now in order to move beyond this?” See the gift in the experience and reach for better feeling thoughts. This will help you move your mindset into a different vibration. As you keep doing this, you become the master. The simple answer is to see the lesson and the love and then you are ready to move on. Words that can seem condescending when you are personally going through an experience that has wounded you deeply. Yet this is the very thing that helps you move beyond it.

This is not always easy when you first begin for you have carried it around for so long. You learned to walk before you learned run. So is it with all aspects of your life. No one can do the journey for you! Not your guides, not your angels, not your god(s). There is no magic wand or magic ring. It does not however have to be  as difficult as some would make it seem. The most important step to take is to take a breath and begin.

Then suddenly, as if by magic, you will find that no longer think of that experience in the same way and you have let it go. There is no magical vortex you can instantly put yourself in by saying “Amen or Yes” unless you completely believe, without a doubt, that this is so. But as you transform your thoughts and feelings, your life actually works that way. It takes a bit of work at first to train your mind in such a way, but it will become easier.

Your Angel Guidance is about look at what your having a problem letting go of more deeply:

Ask your angels to help you see the issue, person, or feelings you want to let go of with the unconditional love of your angels. This is the best way to see things that challenge you. Do a thorough review of the situation. When you can understand it, see the gift, and love the experience unconditionally that it has served its purpose. You will then have absolutely no problem in the letting go. 

Remember that our wish for you is simple. Have the very best life imaginable and settle for nothing less. Let go of limiting beliefs. Once you can do that, the letting go gets easier and easier.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox


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