Angel Guidance

A Guardian Angel meditation is a wonderful way to help you sleep and receive messages of love in your dream time. Snuggle up with your guardian angels and experience a new kind of bliss.



Find a special place to relax, where you won’t be disturbed for at least 10 minutes so you can do a guardian angel meditation. Set some relaxing music and light a candle.

Begin with a prayer requesting that you meet with your guardian angel. Speak from your heart, or use a simple prayer. You can say something like, “I call upon my guardian angel(s) who are always at my side to come closer to me and connect with my light so that I can clearly talk and communicate with you this night.”

Open up your heart and feel it expand with great love. You are always safe and protected as that is one of the jobs of this beautiful being of light. Begin by asking your angels how they feel your day went from the broader perspective of spirit. What could you have done differently or found a better way in things that didn’t quite go as planned? Do not beat yourself up over what was. Take a deep breathe and look for ways to do it better the next time, or ways to make it right now. Give all your fears, doubts and concerns to your angels, even if just for now. You will find this gets easier and easier the more you can release and let go.

Your guardian angels see everything as love and opportunities to grow. Your experiences are good and better in the eyes of spirit, and they want nothing more for you than more wonderful experiences. It is time for you to see your life this way also. Not only will you begin to make better choices, you will also begin to love the ease of your world in new ways.

When you feel you are finished, ask your angels to envelop you in their wings of love. Ask them to hold you close while you slumber and that your dreams be filled with wondrous adventures. Ask that you receive the answers to your questions and your prayers. Ask that your night time experiences and journeys help you set up your next day. Ask for the synchronicity and opportunities for you to experience come your way.

You should drift off to sleep in the loving arms of your angels and have delicious dreams. When you awaken from your nights slumber refreshed and rejuvenated, you are then starting you new day with an outlook of knowing that great things are most definitely on their way.

Your Angel Guidance is to do a Guardian Angel Meditation before you sleep:

What better way to end your day than to snuggle up with your guardian angel. If you are doing this at night right before you go to sleep, be sure to sit up so you don’t fall asleep until you are ready. If you want to drift off in the arms of your angels, then connect with them and drift off in their loving embrace. In the morning you will notice how relaxed and refreshed you feel and ever so love!

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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