Angel Guidance

Begin noticing signs given to you by your angels. Our angels give us Signs all the time. The more you are noticing signs, the more they seem to appear.


Recently I have been given a wonderful validation on my angel messages I share. Everyday for the past week after I send out my angel message, I receive an email or an image on a page that says exactly what I just wrote. I love it. It lets me know I am on the right track and to keep going.  At first I thought how amazing that I write about something and then read something the same. About the 5th time this happen I started to laugh. I love the sense of humour of Spirit.

Some days I struggle with writing the daily messages. I have done this for close to 9 years (in two more weeks) and there is nothing we haven’t said before and so coming up with stuff in new ways can be a challenge for me. I began to write the angel messages to help people stay focused, stay positive, and on task. I had been dismayed by all the communities that were coming together online and all people were doing was offering their services for a fee and no was answer the many calls for help. Thus began the Angel Wisdom Messages.

I love that when I struggle with continuing to do this every day, I always get a sign. Sometimes its a message from a reader about the difference they make. Sometimes its a message from spirit to say keep on going. The most important thing for me to realize is that when I am noticing signs, more appear. I did let go of the need to write one everyday, but I

I always teach that signs are only meaning if you get them and you believe in them. When I see a number sequence like 444, 999, 666, I take them as a sign to let me know my guides and angels are paying attention. I look more deeply at what I was doing or thinking just before I notice it. I do not run to a book or the internet to see what the sequence means, I just take it as reassurance I am on the right path.

When a reader asks me if the message they received is really a sign and they proceed to share a story the answer is always YES! If you think it is a sign, it is, it is really, truly, madly, deeply a SIGN.

Your Angel Guidance is to heighten your awareness and begin noticing Signs from your angels

Ask your angels to help you to hone your skills so that you are noticing signs more and more each day. Let the sychronistic moments in your life happen more magically. When you do this, the path of life becomes easier as you trust and know that you are guided, helped and assisted in making things happen. Your dreams begin to unfold and the experience of them becomes more magnificent.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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