What Vibes are you sending out to the Universe? Be picky about your vibes. Be picky about the vibes you choose to associate with and watch how your world begins to change in a positive way. The impact of becoming more conscious of the thoughts, feelings, and words you send out into the world is huge.


Your mind is powerful. When you start to fill it with positive things, it begins to change and sends out a ripple that begins to transform your world. Take your positive thoughts and your positive feelings and put them into positive action.  Action is always key in creating. The more you become a positive force in the Universe, the more powerful you become.

Your Angel Guidance is to become more conscious of your Vibes:

Be picky about your Vibes. Consciously choose to send out positive vibes into the world and into the universe. By doing this, you will attract more good things into your life.

Affirm: “I shall no longer allow negative thoughts or feelings to affect me. Instead, I focus all of my attention on the good in my life. I think it. I feel it. I speak it. I am becoming a positive force in the Universe. By living this way, I send out waves of  positive energy and I am grateful for all that I attract back into my life.”

Remember that you deserve this. You owe it to yourself to ensure that positive thoughts and feelings are your dominant vibe.  Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox


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