Replaying the past  can hold you in a state of sadness, so stop looking back. There is an unending sadness in always looking back and it stops you from moving forward and living life to its fullest potential. If the past is still very much alive in your heart and your mind, then nothing of the present or future can reach you. This can keep you trapped in an emotional prison that is creating more sadness.


Focusing on the pain of the past or a loss from your past gives it more power. Stop doing that. Let it go. Put the past where it belongs…in the past. It does not need to be recreated again and again. When you continue to recreate the moment where your life change, it is preventing you from opening, appreciating, and being fully alive right now.

Change is natural, good and yes, it can sometimes hurt. Sometimes the transition between cycles is easy, and at other times this is not so. We change. We adapt. We choose We become. Life is full of transitions, shifts and epic moments. When a cycle changes or when we choose to create change courageously by challenging out limiting beliefs and challenging our attachments to ‘truths’, we are undergoing a transformation. Shift your focus from what you fear to what you wish to become. It might hurt a bit, but the results will make it worth it.

Our pasts are fascinating, our past is rich and filled with life and it is a nice place to visit, but you do not live there any longer. To live in the past is to deny the gifts of the present and the treasures of the future will remain undiscovered. There could even be a possibility of experiencing strong and compulsive nostalgia and regrets, thinking about an old issue over and over. Fight the feeling to be fixated on the past, past lives and early childhood hurts. An unhealthy obsession begins with becoming fixated on what went wrong, to explain your pain. Fight all that. You don’t live there anymore. You will win.

It is time to say good bye to the past and let it go, even if this hurts a lot. Be active in this ending. Be Brave. Something else will return to you. This is your chance to learn something truly profound, deep, and important. Do not miss out by resisting what must take place and let it go.

Your Angel Guidance is to accept what is and let the past go:

Thank the past and let it go. You will move through this time, and there will be new people, allies, friends, and experiences once you have allowed the transformation of the past to take place. If you need to say good bye to something or someone, create a ceremony that is meaningful to you and do it. Symbolically put all your thoughts and feelings about what needs to be released on paper. Put the paper into a bag and burn it or bury it, say good bye and let it go. If you can actually do this physically, it can be a more powerful experience.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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