This is a time of great change for all beings of planet earth. Everything and everyone is changing, from your weather patterns to the tiniest of insects. We don’t always see the gift that change brings into our lives.

Ask your angels to help you see the bigger picture

Change brings great blessings, and helps us to grow. Take the time to look at the bigger picture of things as that will help you see the gift of change if you have been struggling to understand. I have always loved change as it creates movement and opportunities. When life seems stagnate, I like to rearrange my furniture and things and it always brings me inspiration and the answers that I seek.

Although lives sometimes feel turned upside-down, the changes that are occurring are divinely inspired by your asking for something better. Changes help to release the energy that no longer serves your growth. Remember the Universe wants you to have your heart’s desires. It is simply waiting for you to know and trust, and believe that you are worthy, and you are.

Do your part in deciding what you truly want. Then send out positive thoughts for the changes you seek and for the fulfillment of your wishes. Ask your Angels for help and they will fan the sparks of potential and bring them into your life.

Your angel guidance is to remember that change brings in fresh opportunities to learn, grow, prosper, and create new relationships. The key is to keep breathing and enjoy the ride. Stay centered in the eye of the hurricane if that is what you are experiencing right now and know that as the changes occur around and within you things will come back  into balance. See the gift that change brings into your life and embrace it wholeheartedly!

Affirm: “I welcome the changes in my life, as they signal that new opportunities are becoming available to me now.”

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox


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