Have you been feeling a bit out of sorts? Have you been longing for something from the past, or perhaps weary from your journey and longing for greener pastures or perhaps even the love of Home? The angels love to remind us that Home is truly where you are. Find the heart in where you are and what you are doing, you will find the energy of Home that so many of you seek. Home is truly where the heart is!

Home is Where the Heart Is

Learning to go with the flow is an important part of finding the heart in what you are doing…finding the energy of Home. If you have been struggling with something in your present, and not feeling like you have been making much progress, then it is time to just allow.

Finding the energy of Home:

When you need to find the sacredness in a given moment, that is when you are bringing the energy of Home into what you are doing.  There is no better way to create heaven on Earth than to find this energy and allow. Let your brilliant luminosity bring light to a darkened world. Allow things to take their natural course. Trust in the process, don’t fight what is. You may just wind up some place you never thought you’d be!

Draw your inner strength from what you believe is right. Your opinion deserves its voice. As a part of you longs for the familiar, you are reminded that you are always there and at anytime you choose, you can click your heels together and return to what is comfortable, for there is no place quite like home.


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