This is the time to plant the seeds of intentions as you prepare for this next series of cycles and a time of renewal is now indicated .


Be persistent in the pursuit of your desires. Act upon your dreams and prepare to take action steps and use positive thinking to make your dreams manifest into form. Do not be afraid to let go of the familiar, for the new cannot enter until the old and outworn have moved on. This is your time to set your intention and consciously decide what you want to create  and prepare to bring it into being. Think big and be grand, for the world is your canvas upon which to play and create. Use the immense power of your imagination to dream even bigger than you have planned. 

This can mean a new phase in your current relationships, a brand new relationship that is near and dear to your hear, fresh new ideas, a fresh new start, new projects, or the development of new qualities in you, like laughter, light and hope. It may bring about a complete change in life as you know it or just shift in the directions of your dreams. Regardless how or what is unfolding, trust that everything will be handled in a fair and just manner for the good of all, and that it will all be just perfect and divine

Your angel guidance is to accept the new, celebrate each step along the way and congratulate yourself for a job well done. 

Affirm: “I welcome the new into my life. I am ready for this next chapter to unfold and I set my intentions for this new cycle to be of the most divine and perfect for me. I now notice the signs and synchronizes events that are my guideposts as this divine life unfolds in the most extraordinary ways.” 

Allow for greater flow in your life. When you allow and go with the flow, you are more tuned into the synchronized events that are orchestrated by your entourage of light beings who are helping you fulfill your path, your destiny and your choices. Connect to your deepest knowing, connect to that place deep within you that is connected to the great void and beyond time and space and the all that is. Meditate and allow and let the answers float right into your mind, and keep trying until you receive a message or a knowingness and just allow. By allowing you receive so much more. Are you ready for more?

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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