Navigating the world of the awakening emotions can often be a challenge and yet regardless what you try to do, you just can’t fight the feelings anymore!


To quote another… “resistance is futile!” When you are experiencing an emotional awakening, it is better to let it happen, as it actually hurts when you resist and only prolongs the pain. Take a weekend and do some processing work. Do it on your own or take a workshop so that you can be guided through the process and feel supported. It is not easy, but it is happening eventually so you might as well go with the flow.

This has been an emotional time and this is an emotional planet. One of the things you came here to experience is this opening and an awakening of your emotional body or your emotional self. This emotional body while challenging at first, will help you better navigate the path ahead and become your trusted ally.

There is a need to learn to balance the emotions; some seem to feel too much, others not enough or at all. Mastering human relationships is a continuing process and also one of the reasons for taking on a physical incarnation and doing the human journey. When you are not in physicality you are aware of your connection with everything and all that is. When you are  in physicality, you feel the separateness and long to feel that loving reunion once again  with yourselves and that is truly where the challenge lays and exploring this can help you to better understand. 

Affirmation: “I am mastering the world of my feelings and as I do, I trust myself more and I understand.”

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