Spreading love around the world is always wise action. Usually we muddy it all up with our own personal agenda of what we think peace and love should look like instead of just spending 10 minutes focused on sending pure love wherever it needs to go and trusting that it will go where it is needed the most.

sharing your light

Your ‘Angel Challenge’ is to take 10 minutes once a week and send a ball of your pure love energy out into the world. Set an egg timer, put on your favourite love songs and think nothing but loving thoughts and share them in a bubble of light and send it out where it is needed the most. If you like you can watch where it goes and see what it is happening. It is fine to just infuse it and let it go, trusting that god and the angels will see that it goes where it is needed the most. What is most important is to make the commitment to do it and do it. This action can help to change lives and will have an amazing effect on you as well.

I have done this in the past when I had a Saturday radio show and it was amazing how good it felt and we would look so forward to it. There was a site where you could add your name and city and see how many others joined in and it was powerful. The site eventually closed down as life got in the way and most of stopped doing it on a regular basis. It is interesting how that seems to happen. We often loose site of what are vision is, or our vision changes and people move on. And yet it is a grand thing that we all did and I shall do it more often as it makes me feel so much better and I know it makes a difference even if it is just only me that feels better.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xox


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