Contracts and Karma


One of the questions we often receive is about our contracts that we make with each other before we come to Earth. We set up many scenarios and options to help us create the opportunities to act out our missions, lessons, and plans. These are all governed by one important understanding and that is the Law of Free Will.  We don’t always understand this when we have forgotten who and what we truly are and much of what is happening in the evolution of humanity is us becoming more aware of our true or authentic selves.

When you come to experience the realm of the physical – you come to do an earthly journey, much happens and many plans are made and back-up plans and back-up plans for the back-up plans and choices and decisions about what it is you would like to experience. It is a very exciting time and much happens as those possibilities line up and begin to materialize on your plane. There is much to do and many beings who play their part in your life experiences. That is a contract and you make many of them before you even come to earth. Mostly you have contracts of friendship and support and that is what most of you do for those you love – your soul family, be they blood, or be they bonds of Love.

When you complete a contract, those situations stop occurring for you, you have completed the cycle and fulfilled its purpose. This is an important part of choosing to come to Earth and experience.

Karma is often misunderstood, even by those who think they understand it and try to live the best they can. Karma is neither good nor bad, it is about cause and effect. In a world of duality, every action has a reaction. In its essence, you get back what you put out…eventually. When you see that so and so has done something bad or wrong and you say, oh well, karma will get them, you have created some of this for yourself in that process. Sometimes beings slough off karma for many lifetimes and then have one that seems particularly harsh and difficult as they choose to take on a few tasks all at once. When it comes to thinking about karma, it is always best to focus on yourself, your life, and what you are filling your bank with and pay no attention to what others are filling theirs with…send them only love.

The best advice we can give to you is to become more conscious of your thoughts. Become more conscious and deliberate in your actions. Become more conscious Beings and then you will know that you are doing the best and that is a game changer! 

You are becoming more conscious and aware beings, this is the evolution for humanity and you are doing well at re-remembering love in all that you do. Use this as your measuring stick and keep doing the best you can and be the best you can be.

Tons of Love, Sharon and the Angels

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