This weekend we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. I have always loved this holiday as it has no other agenda than giving thanks. Our celebration has its roots in the harvest festival from our British ancestors and so would probably actually go back to pagan times. It is usually a gathering of family and friends over a turkey or ham or both dinner and that is it. There are no presents other than exchanges of food, wine, and recipes. I have always liked thanksgiving. Octobers are usually good months in both places in BC I have resided so we get some outdoor time as well. This year my son and his wonderful girlfriend helped my mom and I pile 4 cords of wood for the winter. I should say that we helped my son and his girlfriend pile wood as they truly did most of the work with a bit of help from my great niece Alyssa and my  nephew Jessie.

It is important to give thanks for the gifts that life has bestowed upon you. An attitude of gratitude is an important mindset in creating a world of balance, of equality and enough for all. It is part of the pathway to a peaceful, more benevolent world that most of us envision we are creating.

I find that when I invoke my angel entourage to assist me in my life, things happen, oftentimes better, faster, and finer that I could possibly imagine or create on my own. When I planted my garden in the spring, I asked for an abundant harvest. Some of my things did not grow this year, but others did beautifully and I have some things to share with others. It is important for me to share that which I have helped create and it makes it more potent in its offering. I have learned to make some salves as I have very dry and sensitive skin and spent time wildcrafting ‘weeds’ from peoples gardens in the summer and honing my skills at making the best combination of natural and organic ingredients. This process helps to pour extra love into my creations and I believe that makes for a better, stronger product and am very pleased with my results.

Your angel guidance is to spend the next week being grateful for all that you have, all that you are, and all that is coming, and with that thought, spend time deciding what seeds you would like to plant for this next cycle.

Happy Thanksgiving, I am grateful!

Tons of Love, Sharon and the Angels


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