Today’s message is about finding the magic in your life. Within each one of you is the power to change your world. You have within you a connection to the great source of all that is and it is this energy that can empower you make the necessary changes that help you to change the world around you. As you change, it affects others in ways that you sometimes cannot imagine. “Be brave dear ones, for you are truly magical beings and when you take your personal power to make life better, you are making a difference in your world.”

Look deeper within yourself and the situations in your life that seem troubling or give you pause. There is much love and beauty in understanding the broader perspective of certain situations and the gifts that they can bestow upon you. This is part of the transformation, or should we say the metamorphosis that you are experiencing due to your willingness to be open and expanding. This is a valuable tool to help you with your spiritual awakening. 

You are constantly receiving messages from your angels as you seek understanding. It is safe and  trust that you are protected by these beautiful unseen forces of Light. If you do not feel this way, invoke your angels to surround you in love and light and trust that it is so, even if you cannot feel it just yet. You are opening yourself up to a new way of being and doing and this is the source of your magic. You are a miracle, each and every one of you and as you begin to see this in yourself and see others in this light, that is when you start to create the magic that helps to change your world. 

Affirm: “I see magic happening all around me. I look for the truth in all things and understand that my power comes from within me and my connection to God and my angels.”

Use affirmations or life mission statements to help you with the anything  you want to change. They are powerful tools to help you keep your focus on what you truly want to create and keep them with you. When you feel your strength wavier or need an extra boost, read them and say a little prayer.  It is not always easy to do this journey, but remember that you are never alone and you are supported.

Have a beautiful day, see some magic at work through the hearts of others and remember that you can make difference, love and blessings, Sharon and the angels

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