Today’s Angel Wisdom message is about Seeing Only Love. I think this is an important reminder and also sometimes a hard place to learn to come from and yet also one of the most important places we  can come from.

Mother Teresa was no doubt a human angel who transcended her religion and taught us about the power of love.  During my nursing career I worked in a catholic hospital and did have the opportunity to work with women directly from her order in India and they all had a most beautiful light about them. I have been truly inspired by her message about “Do it Anyway”


So I am reminded that no matter how dark the world can seem sometimes and how unkind some people are, there are also tons of people who love regardless, who care regardless, and who continue to do it anyway.

I am fortunate to run the “Meals on Wheels” program here so I work with 20ish dedicated volunteers every week. I see people doing good and bringing smiles to others faces and do it just because they can. It is amazing how these same people you run into at other events that centre around volunteerism and that these wonderful individuals are out there being the change they wish to see in the world they are truly the human angels.

Take a ‘negativity diet’ and spend a week avoiding things that are meant to bring you down like the news. You will find out about the big and important stuff, the rest is just a distraction to keep us in a state of need and suffering. Avoid office gossip, tv shows that are about gossip and see if you do not feel better about life in general. It actually helps you to keep your focus on the important stuff you came here to experience.

So, your angel guidance for today is to do “Do it Anyway” and to “See Only Love” and well, that also leads us to another of the “The Four Agreements” and that is to “Do your Best”.

Tons of Love, Sharon and the Angels

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