Our angels love to give us signs to help to guide us in our decisions and our choices.


When we ask for a sign, it is important to take a moment and stop what you are doing and go within. Trust is also an important key. If you have asked for assistance, an answer will come to you and sometimes in the most amazing way.

One day last fall I was preparing for a trip out of town to visit my son. I had to take my cats to my mom’s so she could take care of them and then I was supposed to go over to one of the board members from the Meals on Wheels program that I am the co-ordinator for so she could fill in for me while I was away. I was running late and behind schedule as cats don’t always cooperate on our  time. It was pitch black outside and as I was driving up and down the road looking for her house as no one seemed to have an outside light on nor could I see any addresses on the houses  with the street lights and was becoming frustrated and felt bad that now I was later because I couldn’t find where she lived.  I said a little prayer asking for help and then I felt the message that I needed to just pull over and get out of the car and call her to find out where she was. I saw a lit sign that said, “This home is protected by Angels” that seemed to almost glow in the dark so I decided to park in front of this house and use my cell phone. I called the lady and she said she would pop outside. I was on the sidewalk trying to take a closer look for some house numbers, when what door should open but the exact one that I was standing in front of with this lovely sign from the angels.

I loved the synchronicity of it all and that indeed the angels had guided me to the right house. It was a good experience to remember that I should have asked for help the first drive by when I couldn’t see the numbers instead of driving around for 20 minutes and getting frustrated.

Our angels are always with us and waiting to help us. It is so important to remember to take a minute, take a breath and just ask for help.

Have a great weekend, love and blessings, Sharon


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