Welcome to my new blog with Beliefnet and the Angels

I have been looking forward to this new way of sharing and helping others who would like to work with the beautiful Beings of Light we call the Angels.

I was a reluctant angel worker and yet I kept receiving gifts of angels, angel books, and angel cards from others and when I finally started to actually use the tools shared with me, my life began to change in wonderful ways. I am continually amazed at how they shared signs and messages that helped so many other people as well as myself with some of life’s challenges.

I hope that you enjoy reading my posts and shares and from them learn how to invoke and utilize your wonderful entourage of Angels. Let us have no more Unemployed Angels as they are always available and standing ready to help you with life.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing stories and articles about working with your angels and how to recognize the signs they send us to help us, guide us, and answer our prayers as a foundation for this blog. As well, I will share thoughts and inspirations that help me to lead a more productive life as a messenger and representative of this beautiful realm.

The angels say that we are usually much better with the asking than we are at listening to the answers we seek and noticing the signs and messages we receive as we often disregard them or think they are our imagination. Seldom do they come as a big booming voice as that would probably just scare the heck out of us anyway. They usually come in subtle ways like words in a song, a message from someone around us, or something around us, or that small, quiet, loving voice that comes from the heart when you quite yourself and look within.

So, our first reminder is share is to remember to ASK. They will not interfere with your free will and therefore you need to call upon your angels in order for them to help you and let them set up the situations in your life at are the answers to your prayers.

Sample Prayers to Your Angels

Prayer: “I call upon my angels, guides and the Creator to assist me this day in all of my endeavours and to pave the way for a smoother ride as I embark upon the opportunities that are before me.” Or “I ask my angels to be by my side to help to guide my words, my thoughts, and my actions as I go about my day and that I remain aware of your constant guidance in helping me to find a better way.”

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