A Moment of Change

There is always some anxiety around the holiday meal and entertaining, most which is completely imposed by the host or hostess, not by the invited guests. If you are a person that tends to be a perfectionist when it comes to planning the perfect dinner or party then you are certain to experience fairly high levels of stress. Not only does this ruin the enjoyment of the event for you, but you guests are not oblivious to your anxiety and stress either.

Thankfully there are some simply ways that you can help to de-stress your holiday entertaining both for yourself and your friends, family and guests. You will be able to spend your time and energy in enjoying the company and companionship which is so much a part of the season. Three easy ways to lower stress levels in planning holiday meals, parties and events include:

  1. Delegate – many guests would love to be able to bring an item of food. You may want to make it a themed event such as:


  • Cookies and desserts
  • Favorite holiday dish
  • Holiday foods from different countries
  • Most unusual holiday foods
  • Favorite finger foods

Guests or family members can also help out with decorating and assisting with the meal or party. If you are really worried about a balanced presentation you can always request guests provide you information on the dish or item they are bringing so you can fill in any gaps you may see on the menu.

  1. Buffet Style – having a buffet style meal instead of a full service at the table will save in time and energy. Buffet style also means that guests can nibble instead of sitting down to a formal meal.


  1. Catering – while catering may be more costly, it also takes all the stress out of cooking, cleaning, food presentation and even managing the buffet table. Surprisingly you may find that a catered meal when compared to buying all the groceries and preparing dishes may not be all that much more.



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