Samsara Dog
Author: Manos, Helen
Illustrator: Vivas, Julie

Samsara Dog lived many lives.
Some of his lives were long.
Some lasted only a few days.
Dog never remembered them.
He lived each life as it came,
until he learned the most
important lesson of all.

I couldn’t more highly recommend a book for Buddhist parents and children.  This book is the only book I have ever encountered that intelligently tackles the topic of reincarnation, with a protagonist that is a dog.  In each successive life, the dog is able to have a more favorable birth, and uses narrative (rather than explanation) to tackle this complex subject.

My daughter loves this book (4 years) and found it incredibly useful to learn about reincarnation and the meaning of this Precious Human Life.

“This is the most beautiful book I’ve read in a very long time. Beautifully written, gracefully illustrated and filled with such beauty, knowledge, and faith. I would recommend it to everyone. It will change and enlighten each reader.” – Lucy K., Talking Leaves…Books

“The Buddhist concepts of reincarnation — and by extension Samsara and Nirvana — are conveyed with touching clarity…definitely deserving of a place on the shelf.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Even if you don’t share a belief in reincarnation, you should be able to appreciate these universal life lessons. So get out the tissues and be prepared for a lovely, enlightening, and touching story to share with your children.” – A Readable Feast

“…this one doesn’t disappoint. Vivas has perfectly captured the warmth and sentimentof this…story.” – Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

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