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Samsara Dog
By Helen Manos
Review:Samsara Dog is a children’s picturebook written by practicing Buddhist Helen Manos, who sought to present the concept of reincarnation in a natural and seamless way. A dog returns to live life after life with children, helping each of its charges in a different way, until he finally learns what he needs to learn to rise above the endless wheel of death and rebirth.Without being preachy, this book illustrates the Buddhist concepts of samsara, the cycle of birth, and nirvana, fulfillment through total selflessness.

Children who will love to follow the story of the dog will also love the illustrations in soft hues.

I recommend this book for any parents who believe in reincarnation and want to explore it in a kid-friendly way.  It takes complex topics such as karma shows how these principles might work.  Read this book aloud and then take the time to discuss it.

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