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Through the Year with Jimmy Carter: 366 Daily Meditations from the 39th President


Review: In Through the Year with Jimmy Carter, the thirty-ninth President of the United States takes us on a unique journey into the heart of the Christian faith. Based on more than three decades of practical Bible teaching, the readings in this book draw from the riches of Mr. Carter’s own life.

The book touches upon President Carter’s lessons while serving as a leader.  He recounts stories–that give us fascinating glimpses into behind-the-scenes activity at the White House and the US Navy–that combine his political insights with spiritual insights.

The book is divided into sections: Launching touches upon his earliest years in service.  The lessons here reflect those in the early career stage of life.  Then the next section is called Growing which touches upon his pivotal growth as  leader and a Christian through his political work.  Finally, the section Serving captures his most sage and insightful lessons–based on all aspects of his life.

The third section was my favorite as it felt as though he was speaking to readers as a fully formed human being rather than a person with great political power or insight.  The lessons and teachings are richest and simplest in this section. That’s why they touched me so deeply.

I recommend Through the Year with Jimmy Carter as a day book or a bible study book that challenges readers to be more Christ-like every day of their lives.


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