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By Kimberly Snow


I really enjoyed this book about Kimberly Snow’s experiences cooking in a Buddhist Monastery in Northern California. As a former chef in a Kentucky-based kitchen, she makes good use of her early experiences as a chef to contrast with the new attitude of mindfulness and silence.

Her long journey to awareness is the perfect introductory book to folks interested in Buddhism.  Working in a kitchen is the perfect backdrop for understanding the deeper meaning of Buddhist teachings and this book is not only very funny, but very, very insightful on mastering the basics of Buddhist practice.

I would recommend to anyone yearning to integrate Buddhist practice into their own lives.

However, I agree with the reviewer who wondered about why she didn’t include any recipes in her book.  The author does mention at one point that she is working on a cookbook but a recipe at the end of every chapter would have been a lovely addition to an already wonderful read.

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