Purchase A Book of Miracles from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. A Book of Miracles
By Bernie Siegel


Bernie uses one of the best forms of teaching–true stories from people’s lives to instill his message that we are all healers and we all are able to find miracles if only we have faith, listen, watch and believe.

The book is comprised of stories: and most are about people who were diagnosed with terminal or severe medical conditions.  The stories describe how each person healed–alone or in conjunction with modern medicine.

The miracles aren’t out of this world–in most cases, it seems as though people changed their attitude, their openness to the idea that healing was possible and cultivated the support of loved ones in the process.

From the birth of a whale, witnessed by two people sailing to the selfless acts of generosity that fed homeless people Thanksgiving dinner and gave them a community/family – to the man who avoided certain death when a familiar German accented voice reached through the fog and pulled him back from the unseen crevasse, to Bernie’s own daughter telling how her Dad saved her son – these stories are uplifting and deeply touching.

You could offer this book as a gift to someone who is suffering from an illness or supporting someone else through an illness. Or, you could simply read a story a day or a week to bolster your own faith in humans healing themselves.

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