Purchase School Years from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Guardians of Being
By Eckhart Tolle, Illustrated by Patrick McDonnellReview: You don’t have to be an animal lover to love this book.  Guardians of Being is a small, short, illustrated book that highlights the sacred role that pets play in our lives.  The illustrations are amusing and heart-warming, the text is simple but profound.

The core messages remind us that all is one, God resides in stillness, peace is our core, and that we’re all connected by the same precious life force.

For those of you who are fans of Tolle’s books, this book is different from the others.  It’s more of a gift book or a coffee table book than a treasury of deeply examined spiritual wisdom. Instead of a spiritual course, it’s more like a webinar for those needing a good dose of inspiration and wisdom.

I would most strongly recommend this book to current pet owners and animal lovers.  But it will also resonate with people with children or who lived with an animal at some point in their lives.  It would make a perfect gift.  And I suggest reading it out loud at the dinner table, page by page, every evening as a means of saying grace.


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